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High quality parenting programs are a proven way of intervening early to optimise children's chances in life.  Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC) delivers a carefully structured program in a uniquely effective way.  Parents talk to other parents as a first choice when seeking information, and communication is more credible when presented by 'someone like me'.

EPEC is a community-based program training local parents to run parenting groups (in pairs)through early years and parenting focused services.  Parent facilitators trained to work in the EPEC program are employed, supported and supervised by a specially trained practitioner within KEYS.

KEYS is currently running Being a Parent Courses as part of the EPEC program.  This course, led by local Patent Facilitators, takes parents on a journey where they learn about:

  • the importance of looking after themselves;

  • talking about emotions and dealing with their children's 'big feelings';

  • the value of child-led play;

  • discipline strategies;

  • communication skills; and 

  • stress management.


The Being a Parent Course is running in Kwinana each term and Parents and carers are invited to attend the course.  Registrations are essential.

Following participation in the Being a Parent Course, parents are eligible to participate in Parent Facilitator training.  The Parent Facilitator Course runs over 10 x 6-hour sessions.  Completion of training may lead to paid work as a Parent Facilitator with KEYS. 


Parents who participate in the Being a Parent course report improved behaviour in their child and a more harmonious home environment.  Parents who participate in the Parent Facilitator training report increased confidence and improved employment and training pathways, as will as improvements in family functioning and increased satisfaction in parenting.

For more information or to register for the Being a Parent course, phone KEYS on 08 9439 1838 or email carolyn.mitchell@keyswa.org

EPEC in Kwinana is funded by the Department of Social Services through Communities for Children facilitating partner The Smith Family