"Today I finished the Being a Parent Course, and honestly it has changed my life.  Not only have I met some incredible people, but it also gave me some tools for my toolbox to use.  Because parenting is hard and it's nice to know we aren't alone.  I'm a good enough parent, not a perfect parent.  Thank you so much for doing these courses."

Katelyn I

"The Parents As Teachers programme is just amazing.  Having been new to parenting, mistakes and mis-understandings can be common along the was and we had some concerns about discipline and other things like sleep, dealing with tantrums and other things and also lots and lots of questions.  These were addressed amazingly by Amanda who has been of great help to us.  We now feel like we actually understand our child and can reinforce good behaviour.  He has been much calmer and behaving really well.  He is also happier and so are we.  Honestly this is an amazing program to think for tips and tricks and ways for improving your child's surrounding and your parenting.  Everything sticks in your mind and you become so much more knowledgable and understanding and that goodness is also reflected in your child."

Malak S

"I have recently attended an online session for sensory processing and I can definitely say it was very informative and well paced.  It definitely helped me with a lot of questions I previously had and start thinking about/working on strategies with sensory.  Thank you!"

Hannah M

"Covid-19 hit as I had my son.  I lost my dad while I was pregnant and so the Parents as Teachers program has helped provide the support we need for myself and my little guy.  The ladies have been fantastic during this scary time."

Charmaine J

"Staff are always so knowledgeable and respectful.  I completed their anxiety workshop recently and found it really helpful."

Monica H

"I've just completed the Protective Behaviours course with Sarina and I'd recommend using this service and all the amazing workshops they offer for no charge at all"

Elle H

"I did not know such a service existed and now that I have completed Circle of Security with Sarina I will continue to see what other courses I can do to help me in my parenting."

Keira H

"What a great course!  Before this course I really was just guessing when It came to parenting.  Now I feel like I've been given a manual of sorts on how to understand your child's needs and how to make them feel secure and safe in this world, whilst also being able to help them understand their needs and wants and how to help them and how to help them organise their feelings, which also helps me understand how to guide them through all of the situations that happen throughout my child's daily routine and also life in general.  I now feel confident that I can fully give my daughter a secure attachment and guide her in a way that she needs and feels completely loved but also educated on understanding her needs too.  With the help of this course and much practice, I feel I will be giving my daughter a parent she deserves.  Brilliant course, I would really recommond it to all parents out there.  Thanks so much, Sarina, you are a really great teacher and I appreciated your empathy."

Chelsea T